Home Brew and Sushi Menu


****3:30-8:30PM Sundays and Mondays. Up to date information at https://www.facebook.com/FlowersNanobrewery/***

***For take away orders, please bring containers. One for Sushi rolls, one for soy sauce, and one for Miso soup, if you’d like. We will deduct $0.25 to the customers who bring containers. We care about reducing waste. Thank you!!***


flowers Original Beers ($2-3 / 8000-12000R)

Cold Junmai Sake ($2 / 8000R)

Japanese Plum Wine ($2.5 / 10000R)

Kurokirishima Shochu ($2.5 / 10000R)

Honey Mint Tea ($1.25 / 5000R)

Bottled Water ($0.5 / 2000R)

Take Away Bottled Beers (Ask for prices)

Salmon Cream Cheese Roll ($2.75 / 11000R)

Pork Teriyaki Roll ($2 / 8000R)

Fried Crabstick Roll ($2 / 8000R)

Vegetable Cream Cheese Roll ($1.75 / 7000R)

Vegetable Coriander Roll ($1.5 / 6000R)

Egg and Spinach Roll ($1.5 / 6000R)

Miso Soup ($1.25 / 4000R)

Occasionally, special local fish box sushi is available.