About Kampot


Kampot is a small cozy town located in southern part of Cambodia. The town is spread along with Kampot river. Although it is located near the sea, wind is not salty or sticky. Across the river, there is Bokor mountain. Kampot is surrounded by great nature. People in Kampot are still quite friendly and have good smiles compared to the people in other cities in Cambodia.

Food and drinks are delicious and cheap. Mangoes and rambutans are just dropped on the street from trees. As monument of the center of town is big Dorian, the town is a fruits paradise. Kampot is also famous for peppers (spice) and salt fields.

Nearby, Kep town is about 30 minutes by a car or motorcycle where seafood is famous for, and there is a quiet beach. Rabbit island is just 30 minutes boat ride from Kep.